TBS FPVision Elite Bundle

Hello Guys 

Today i want to show what maybe can be a common mistake in building an Quad with the new TBS FPVision Elite bundle.

I buyed them and wanted to build a 160 size mini Quad. Everything went fine until the point that the ESC had no signal.
I was wondering why. Cause i thougtht everything is fine.

 This Picture Above shows how it was after i tought i was finished. But i forgot something that i didnt know.
A friend of me from Dronefactory shop told me what to do.

On the colibri FC are some holes, this is the signal for the ESC. And on the special PDB are holes too.  Shown in the green circle on the pictures.

And the two boards must be connected together with some tin solder. so the signal goes from colibri to the small PDB, to the esc.
After i did that. Everything went fine.
I hope i can help some other people out there who are beginner. Or dont think across a corner, like i not did.

thanks for reading.



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